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We'll build a simple app that features everything you might need in a moderately complex application. We'll start by adding Core Data to an app and setting up a very simple form to add data to a store. Next, we'll set up a  list in SwiftUI to display data. Next, we'll add an edit screen. After that, we'll write a data importer and conform managed objects to Codable. The next step will be to build a filter screen.

Once the filter screen is added, we'll focus a bit on architecture. Instead of using SwiftUI's built-in features, we're going to build a view model that holds a fetched results controller, and we'll use this to drive a SwiftUI view by leveraging Combine.

The last step will be to write an importer that uses a background managed object context to import a bunch of sample data for our app. We'll use a set of JSON data so it closely mimics a scenario where you load data from the web.

Throughout the workshop we'll not only use SwiftUI, but also bits and pieces of Combine. Don't worry if you're not familiar with Combine yet. You'll learn some of Combine's core principles as we go to make sure you know and understand just enough to leverage it in the workshop.

Jeroen (AppForce1) will be available during the event to iron out any issues participants might have. This makes sure all participants get maximum benefit. Donny leads the training, Jeroen runs support.

An up to date Big Sur and Xcode installation is required.